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Single Fathers

5 Things You Should Know: Dad-to-Dad Bonding

In nearly every culture in the world, there’s one social constant when it comes to parenting. Basically, mom’s in charge of the kids. Certainly, there are nuances among cultures and even among families. For example, dad may play a starring role in one family, while he’s a supporting character, at best, in another. As we progress further into the 21st century, however, fatherhood is becoming more important than ever.

It’s easy to see why: More fathers are staying at home to raise the kids. While divorce rates have declined, it’s still much more prevalent than it was several decades ago. In addition, because — as the U.S. Census Bureau indicates — more dads are receiving custody in divorce proceedings, single fatherhood is far more common than ever before.

Unfortunately, society hasn’t entirely caught up with this change to a more active role among fathers. Parenting literature is still often geared toward mothers, leaving dads out in the cold. It’s not like fathers can’t use some advice, so more and more are turning to other dads for tips on raising children.

On any given Saturday, you can find dads congregated at parks and sports fields. Even in the dead of winter, you can likely find some dads watching their kids play hockey at a rink or on a pond. No matter the youth sport, if it’s being played, there are likely some dads either watching, coaching or both. With the kids nearby and sports in the air, the ballpark is a perfect place to strike up a conversation about parenting.

If you’re not a sports guy, don’t worry. When you take your kids to the field and hit the sidelines, look around. You’ll likely find someone who shares your passion for — or tepid feelings toward — sports. A shared interest (or lack thereof) in sports may reveal you have even more in common, such as parenting philosophies, than you thought.

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