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About Us

This blog was designed as a tool  for single parents to connect with other single parents and share their personal stories as a means of inspiration for each other. It will be a portal for discussions on various topics for single parents and how we  continue to create a great life for ourselves and our children.

There will be a daily meditation posting for single parents to reflect on and perhaps share with their children.  Each week we will have a featured single parent who would like to share their personal story with us.  If one story can affect the life of at least ONE single parent, then it was worth posting!

By sharing your experiences with being a single parents, this blog may help those whom need that positive outlet to create the life they want as a single parent. Remember, although being a single parent is a challenge, who ever said it had to be the end of your dreams?  You create the life you want, it’s that simple.

There will  also be parenting articles and open forum discussions concerning single parents  on various topics and how some of us choose to continue to have a positive outlook on life, no matter what our circumstances are.  Each week we will also choose a feature parents  bio and post it for all of us to read and reflect on.


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